We Went To The Dog Park!

I have always loved dogs since I was a child. The way they hang their tongue out on the car on a drive or even wagging their tails as they welcome you home always fascinates me. When talking about dogs I can’t help but glow with pride as I look at Jibby Beane.

Jibby Beane is a boxer dog who is more beautiful than any dog I have ever come across. She has brown fur with white undertones on her head, legs and belly. Other than the beautiful fur color combination Jibby Beane is also a very well behaved dog.

The most amazing story is how Jibby Beane came to be my dog. Like I said dogs have always been my favorite animals on the planet. When I was younger my grandmother gave me a puppy for my tenth birthday. This was a young boxer with black fur and some white patches. I grew to love her very much but with time age started to take its toll on her. One year back she passed away and I was heartbroken. This is the event that set the events that led me to acquire Jibby Beane.


As I told you I was heartbroken as almost never out of the house. My friend mercy who had been on vacation came to see me a week later bearing gifts. I think you can all guess who greeted me first when I opened the door. It was Jibby Beane with her beautiful fur, tongue out and tail wagging. It was love at first sight. I instantly felt better as I bent down and she licked my face. Have you ever had that feeling that you have found what you have been looking for. This is the way I felt when I laid my eyes on Jibby Beane. She felt like home.

Jibby Beane has been in my care ever since. She is jovial and very playful. Jibby Beane, my boxer goes to the dog park with me on weekends. Playing catch is one of her favorite pass time activities. Though I think chewing my shoes comes first. There is this time we went to the park and she thought my friend’s sandal was her toy. You can imagine my friend’s dismay when she found Jibby Beane busy chewing her sandal straps. It was very hilarious seeing her try to wrestle the shoe from Jibby Beane’s jaws. However am not complaining Jibby Beane has brought back happiness into my life. To me Jibby Beane is not just a pet but a friend too.

I Love Jibby Beane!

My boxer is named Jibby Beane. I love my dog, and he has a short hair. I think my dog is from Germany or something like that. My dog has a smooth coat, which is something I truly love these days. He also has some amazing white markings, and I love this too. With strong jaws and square muzzle, my Jibby Beane is truly amazing. I will exhibit my Jibby Beane at a show that is coming up next week, and I think my dog will win. He knows how to walk and things like that.

The head of my dog is one of the things that I love the must. The muzzle is in the best proportion to the skull that you can imagine, and this is another reason to take this dog to the show. This puppy is truly gorgeous, and I think he will win in a show. For instance, the proportion of the muzzle to the head is 1:3, which is absolutely adorable. This is what we call a beautiful situation, and my dog can win any show out there.

I love my dog`s folds, which are present from its muzzle to some parts of his body. Some of my friends want me to crop or dock Jibby Beane, but I do not want this to happen to my dog. I love my dog, and I do not want him to suffer these days too. The dog has a smooth and shiny coat, and this is something that most of my friends love. He also has a lot of markings that just extend onto his face or neck, and this is something awesome to me as well these days.

These are the things that I truly love from my dog these days. If you happen to know my dog, you will love it.